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From: Jack Santoro
Subject: Exploring, Part 5, Adult Friends, 5/?Exploring, Part 5
By Jackinnmyahoo.com Some weeks later, we gathered again at my house. My
place seemed to be the best choice because I had a
Jacuzzi, which we all enjoyed.
This time Jerry had brought along his 19-year-old son
Eric, who had been circumcised against his father’s
wish when he’d been born. The doctor had told his
mother that the boy’s tight foreskin kept him from
urinating, and had to be removed right away. She had
consented, foggy as she was from the drugs they’d
given her during the delivery.
Unlike his father, Eric was tall and muscular. Like
him, he too was blond, with blue eyes. As Jerry,
Chris, and I undressed, Eric’s eyes flitted eagerly
from one crotch to another, captivated by our
“See, Eric, my skin’s natural but Jack’s and Chris’s
skins are reconstructed,” his father explained. “They
were cut when they were born, like you were, and they
didn’t like it either.”
“I’ve been stretching my skin for about a year,”
Chris added for Eric’s information. “It’s slow, but my
shaft skin’s been stretching enough so that right now
most of the head’s covered when I’m limp. Jack had his
done by plastic surgery. That’s why it’s reddish at
the end.”
“The plastic surgeon used skin from my scrotum to
rebuild my foreskin,” I explained as I watched Eric
disrobe. “That’s why my balls are tight, unlike you
guys.” As I spoke I scrutinized Eric’s crotch, noting
that his penis seemed to be about the same size as
mine and Chris’s. Unlike his father, Eric had a big
helmet-shaped head Bbs Preteen at the end of his shaft, and of
course no long, dangling foreskin to shroud it. A
thick brown cut ring circled his shaft about an inch
behind the head, clear evidence that he had been done
with a Gomco clamp.
“Eric’s got a nice head on his, bigger than mine,”
Jerry said. Turning to me, he added:
“It’s a lot Bbs Preteen like yours, Jack, The same high flaring
rim, the same deep groove behind it.”
“I’ve had the hot tub warming up for an hour,” I
said. “Let’s get into it.” I led the way to the patio
and we arranged ourselves around the periphery in the
warm, bubbling water. If there had been more than four
of us, it would have been a tight fit. Chris was on my
left, Eric on my right, and Jerry between Chris and
his son.
“Can I touch it?” Eric asked me shyly.
“Help yourself,” I answered as I reached for his
prick. I gave his big helmet a series of gentle
squeezes, knowing that this would produce a throbbing
reflex in his cock-root. I felt Eric’s fingers clasp
my prick under the water. Across from Bbs Preteen
us, Jerry and
Chris were fondling each other’s pricks.
“Your skin’s tight, not like my dad’s,” Eric
commented. “It’s also Bbs Preteen a lot thicker.” I felt him
trying to push my foreskin back off the helmet, but my
prick was still soft and it collapsed as he pushed.
“Wait until I get hard,” I suggested. “Then you’ll
find it a lot easier to slide my foreskin back.” As I
continued squeezing Eric’s glans, I felt it swell
between my fingers. Chris and Jerry were expertly but
gently pumping each other’s foreskins over their
rapidly swelling heads.
“Eric’s tip’s shaped just like mine,” Jerry said,
“only a lot bigger.”
“I can feel it,” I said. “It’s pretty large and the
rim has a nice flare too.” My fingers played over the
front dome of Eric’s glans, gently circling the slit.
He was fully hard now, and I explored the sexy
contours. Mine had swollen fully, and now Eric’s
strong fingers gently pushed my foreskin down off the
head. I felt a light tickling deep inside me, and a
drop of lube began crawling up my prick.
“You’ve got a really nice tip under that skin,” Eric
commented. “I like the way your rim flares, a lot like
mine. I wish I had a skin, though.
“You can have one if you want,” Chris interjected.
“If you start working on stretching the shaft-skin, in
a year or two you’ll look as if you were never cut.”
“Make sure you do it by stretching,” I added.
“Stretching is a lot cheaper and a hell of a lot safer
than plastic surgery.”
“I think I’ll do it that way,” Eric said. “I’d be
really nervous about letting a doctor take a knife to
my cock again.”
“I heard what you did to the doctor last year, the
one who cut you,” I said.
“Yeah, Eric was a stupid-ass,” Jerry said. “If he’d
been caught….” He trailed off.
“Yeah, but I wasn’t caught, and I gave that bastard
what he deserved!” exploded Eric. “He’ll never cut
another baby again!”
“You planned it well?” I asked.
“You bet I planned it,” Eric replied. I watched that
doctor for a week, and I knew what car he drove and
what time he went home.”
“Do you know if the parking lot had security
cameras?” I asked gently. Eric paled slightly.
“No, I didn’t think Bbs Preteen
of that,” he admitted.
“See what I mean?” Jerry said, emphatically. “If
you’d been caught on tape your ass would be grass.”
“We don’t need to argue,” Chris said. “Let’s get back
to the business at hand.” I was relieved to hear Chris
say this, as I didn’t want our mutual comparison
session deteriorate into an argument.
“That’s a nice skin you’ve got,” Eric said to me.
“It’s longer than Chris’s skin, but not as long as my
“Mine is gonna be as long as Jack’s after a few more
months or a year,” Chris said. Eric was slowly pumping
my foreskin up over my glans, pushing harder when the
ring of flesh reached the flaring ridge to urge it up
over the edge. I saw that Chris and Jerry were totally
involved with each others’ pricks, and it was obvious
that they had had a lot of practice together.
“I’m getting a bit overheated,” said Jerry.
“Me too,” I replied. “Let’s get dried off and into
the bedroom.” We rose from the hot tub, our pricks
sticking straight out in front of us. Eric’s prick was
heavy-ended, like mine, and swung from side to side as
he walked. We’d each taken a towel from a table on the
patio, and now we dried each other. Eric paid special
attention to my prick, and obviously enjoyed sliding
my foreskin forward and back as he dried it. Chris and
Jerry were busy with each other, and I saw that
Jerry’s prick was skinned back all the Bbs Preteen way, the
two-inch foreskin gathered in a thick fleshy ring
behind his small but perfectly shaped helmet. A drop
of lubricant parted the lips of his small slit, and I
remembered that Jerry secreted a lot of lube.
“Now that you’ve dried my prick I have to lubricate
the foreskin,” I said. “It feels more comfortable that
way.” I reached for the bottle of Astroglide on the
bedside table and squirted a couple of drops into the
groove behind my rim. I then slipped my foreskin
forward to spread it evenly over my glans.
Chris and Jerry now sat on one side of the big
queen-sized bed, hands in each others’ crotches, and
Eric and I sat on the other. We were both still
rock-hard, and Bbs Preteen
I continued to squeeze Eric’s helmet
while he began to slide my foreskin up and down mine.
After several strokes he remarked:
“You’ve got a big head on yours. Ever measure it?”
“Not lately,” I replied. “Yours is pretty big too,
probably bigger than mine. Let’s measure them.” I took
a ruler from a drawer in the bedside table and laid it
on the top of my glans. Eric bent his head to read it:
“That’s 1 7/8″ from rim to tip,” he said. I laid the
ruler sideways on my glans and he said:
“Same from side to side; 1 7/8″.”
“Now let me measure yours,” I said, and put the ruler
on top of his glans. “2 inches even,” I read off, and
then moved the ruler to measure across his glans at
its widest point.
“It must be about the same,” he said, and I confirmed
this when I looked at the graduations. His helmet was
slightly longer and wider than mine. I measured his
length, and from pubic bone to the end of his glans he
was almost 6 ”, longer than his father, although the
shaft thickness seemed about the same. The extra
length came from his large and prominent helmet.
Chris and Jerry had been following the interchange,
and now Chris spoke up:
“He’s got the same tight hole like his father. When
Eric comes, he really shoots it out, just like Jerry.”
Eric was lightly fingering my exposed glans circling
the orifice.
“I like the way your slit opens up when you’ve got a
hard-on,” he said. “That looks so sexy.”
“It’s a good thing his slit opens up,” Jerry added.
“We docked last time, and I shot right down his hole.
That really gave him a thrill.”
“Yeah, it did,” I confirmed. “When I felt his hot
juice shooting down my tube, I couldn’t hold back. I
started coming right then.”
“Jack, you want to lie down and let Eric stroke you?
He’s really into foreskins.” I didn’t mind at all, and
arranged myself in the center of the bed, propping my
head with a pillow to watch the action.
Eric sat at my side, slowly pumping my foreskin in
long strokes with his right hand. Chris came to sit
next to him, using Astroglide to lubricate Eric’s
prick and then wrapping his fingers around it. He
gently stroked the shaft and glans in long strokes,
twisting his fist slightly when he came up to the
head. Jerry was on my other side, his right hand
cupping my balls.
“Eric will do a nice job on you,” Jerry assured me.
“He knows how to stroke an uncut cock, and how
sensitive it is.” Eric’s gentle fingers working my
rock-hard prick confirmed this as he slid my hood up
and down the contours of my helmet, bumping and
lightly compressing the ridge on the up-stroke and
running to all the way to caress the front dome. On
the down-stroke, the pressure of the foreskin riding
back over the blunt nose of my helmet and then sliding
down the sides until it crested the corona and dropped
into the deep groove behind it was equally
stimulating, and I felt a contraction in my tight
Eric gradually brought me within reach of the peak,
holding me just below the crest to increase the
tension without pushing me over the edge. I realized
that he knew well that the longer the build-up, the
more intense the orgasm. Several minutes of this
stimulation had me ready to lurch into climax, and Bbs Preteen
felt the extra swelling in my shaft and glans that
told me I was ready. Jerry noticed it too, and as he
continued to knead my scrotum gently he told Eric;
“Look at his tip. It’s darker now. His balls are real
tight and he’s ready for it.” Eric replied:
“I know he is. I can feel his tip got harder through
the skin. The rim’s really flared now.” He tightened
his fingers slightly and increased the speed of his
strokes. The slippery sheath sliding over my rim
produced a tickling feeling, and my eyes closed. The
tickle spread from my rim all over my glans, and I
knew it would be only seconds until I tumbled into the
free-fall of orgasm. Now the tickle was increasing and
when it changed into a hot tingle I began moaning.
A bright light flashed in front of my eyes as my
sensations peaked, followed by the heavy pounding of
orgasm deep inside me. The first spasm sent a gush of
hot lava searing its way up my prick, where it
exploded out of my gaping meatus.
“HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” I grunted as the sensations
overtook me, putting my mind on HOLD. The second
contraction pushed a torrent of thick hot fluid up my
urethra, the heat almost painful. I felt another sharp
contraction ripping through my crotch as another jet
coursed through my straining prick.
Several weaker spasms followed until I was totally
drained. My eyes were still closed, but I was acutely
aware of the viscous fluid still oozing up my tube,
spilling out of my orifice to lubricate my foreskin.
Eric had stopped stroking me, as he knew how Bbs Preteen sensitive
the penis becomes during orgasm.
A heavy fog settled over me as the after-shock hit,
and I lay mindlessly until it wore off. As I slowly
regained my senses, I became aware of Eric lying
full-length beside me, and of his heavy breathing. I
realized that at that moment Chris must have been
stroking him to orgasm. I heard Eric cry out
helplessly as his body shuddered next to mine,
straining with the contractions of his climax. The
heavy odor of chlorine from his discharge filled the
When I opened my eyes Eric had drained his load, and
was very quiet next to me. Chris was sitting next to
him, eyes fixed on his own crotch as Jerry’s fist
worked his foreskin up and down the big
mushroom-shaped head. Chris was pulling the end of
Jerry’s foreskin out beyond the head, and I knew this
was producing a gentle and pleasant sensation from
stretching the nerve endings, one that would not risk
triggering Jerry’s orgasm until he was ready for it.
Chris’s jaw hung down as he stared at his prick,
captivated by the compelling sensations. I knew he was
ready to cream, because his mushroom head was fully
swollen and darker than usual. His balls were tight
under his body, and I reached over to cup them, as
Jerry had done to me.
Chris was now breathing hard, the tension building
inside him, and I saw his outstretched legs begin to
tremble. This was going to be an intense orgasm, and
it was going to begin soon. He’d begun grunting
slightly, and the grunts became louder as Jerry
increased his pace. Now Jerry changed his grip,
placing the palm of one hand on top and the other on
the bottom of the prick, rolling and twisting the
foreskin sharply over the glans. I knew that this
produced an intense and utterly irresistible sensation
that would force the orgasm within seconds.
“HUNH! HUNH! HUNNNHHHH!” Chris bellowed as the full
force of the orgasm hit him. His
legs jerked hard as a thick gush of cream poured from
his long slit. The flow wet his foreskin and Jerry’s
hands before Bbs Preteen dribbling down to the bed. Chris bellowed
again and another long, creamy gush parted the lips of
his slit. He stared fixedly at his prick, totally
caught up in the magic of the moment, Bbs Preteen grunting in
joyful agony.
The thick fluid caused Jerry to lose his grip on the
foreskin, but now it didn’t matter as the orgasm was
well under way and the glans was becoming too
sensitive. Jerry let go and we watched the swollen and
straining prick jerk with each subsequent discharge.
Gobs of cream poured from the orifice, each one
smaller in volume, until Chris had drained his tanks.
With Chris silently supine on the bed, it was Jerry’s
turn to blast his load. As I’d been the first to come,
I was the logical one to work on his prick.
“Pump my skin up and down fast,” he instructed me. “I
can tell you when I’m ready to pop, and then you strip
me Bbs Preteen
back. I want you to see how high I can shoot.” He
lay on the bed in the Bbs Preteen
spot vacated by Eric and me, and
I grasped his long thin foreskin firmly and worked it
over the small head. Jerry’s extra long foreskin meant
that I had a very long stroke, from the base of his
shaft to beyond the end of the glans. I felt the
contours of his small helmet through the thin skin,
and it was easy to feel it getting very hard as his
excitement neared its peak.
Jerry’s balls were tight against his body now. His
breathing was heavy as he stared at his prick,
watching the head appear and disappear as I worked his
foreskin in long quick strokes. He’d maintained his
erection longer than the rest of us, and I knew he
needed relief.
“Okay, skin me back,” he whispered. I knew exactly
what to do, the precise move that would trigger his
orgasm and avoid over-stimulating his glans when it
became too sensitive. I yanked his foreskin all the
way back, using the fingers of both hands to keep it
stretched behind the glans. This sudden move put
tension on his frenulum, and I saw the head dip,
pulled down towards his balls by the tight gee-string. Jerry’s body shuddered, and then tensed, as he yelped
in ecstasy. I kept my head out of the way as a thin
but powerful stream jetted forcefully from his tight
slit. It arced in the air, landing on the foot of the
bed. Jerry grunted hard as another long thin stream
flew high into the air, and I smelled the chlorine
odor. Lesser jets followed as I held his foreskin
tightly back to maintain the tension on his
gee-string, until he was still. A thin ooze seeped
from his small slit, and I let go of his softening
prick. I felt that when his sensitivity has gone down
he could replace his hood over the head.
We let Jerry lie there until he recovered, while we
removed a couple of towels from the bed where we’d
used them to catch our discharges. When Jerry roused
himself, he said he had to pee urgently.
“Then let’s get in the shower,” I suggested. “We’ll
rinse off and pee at the same time.” I stood and led
the way to the bathroom. My shower enclosure is huge
compared to most, and the four of us fitted easily
into it.
We were all limp now, our pricks hooded except for
Eric, who didn’t have a foreskin. The hot water
intensified our urge to urinate, and Eric was first to
let go. Then, when he saw the stream dribbling from
the end of my foreskin, he grasped it between two
fingers. Pinching it shut trapped the hot liquid and
my foreskin bulged. Just as it was becoming
uncomfortable, he let go and a large gush poured from
my foreskin distending the orifice.
Jerry was pinching his partner’s foreskin and I saw
it swell out of the corner of my eye. When Jerry
released it Chris let go a gush of yellow fluid that
dropped toward the drain. Chris was still pinching the
end of Jerry’s extra-long foreskin, and we all watched
the fleshy tube balloon out until it must have held a
half-pint of liquid. When Chris released it, the
resulting spout splashed urine all over our legs, but
the hot spray from the shower rinsed it from our
We dried each other after I turned off the water, and
then went into the kitchen for some beer. As we
sipped, Chris asked me:
“Did you hear about that doctor who got shot up in
Maine yesterday evening?”
“I saw it on the wire service,” I answered. “It
didn’t run in the paper because it wasn’t a local
story. The guy’s name was Emil Butcher. What a name
for a doctor, huh?” The other snickered.
“I saw on Bbs Preteen TV that he was shot in a shopping center
parking lot,” Chris added.
“Right,” I said. “It Bbs Preteen was a lot like those shootings
that terrorized the Washington area a couple of years
ago. Somebody shot him from a car or van, and nobody
heard the shot. The doctor just crumpled over with a
bullet-hole dead-center in his chest. The cops are
concerned it’s another terrorist-type killing, but
they haven’t got a clue as to who it is.”
“I can think of one thing,” Jerry suggested.
“Yeah,” I acknowledged. “This doctor either did a lot
of circumcisions or actively promoted them. Maybe
“I’m going to look him up on the Internet,” said
Eric, joining the discussion. “Maybe he’s head of an
OB/GYN ward or maybe he’s the director of a lab that
processes babies’ foreskins to make cosmetics. I’ll
let you know the next time we get together.”
With this the discussion ended and we began planning
our next rendezvous.Continued in Part 6
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